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Why is my Faith not working?

It is usually very sweet when you hear people advice other people to have faith! Faith this Faith that! Believe for it! Faith can move mountains… at some point it started getting annoying to me because my faith or the faith I thought I was believing with wasn’t producing results. Here are some things I noticed went wrong in my Faith process:
* MY FAITH HAD NO FOUNDATION .Faith is supposed to be as a result of your unshakable knowledge about something. That something must be the word of God. So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.( Romans 10:17) All those times I thought I was standing in faith concerning situations, I really wasn’t. I was in doubt clouded by the illusion of faith because Faith only comes by hearing God’s word. Faith is however as supernatural as Jesus’ name is because it doesn’t make any sense to wait on an evidence of thing not yet seen. If I have not seen it, what then is the evidence of seeing it? These were the questions I allowed in my heart while I thought I was standing in faith and the only way to debunk these thoughts is by standing on the word of God. Get scriptures concerning problems you are going through or the thing you are believing God for. Look for scriptures along that line, read it, study it, understand it, get a revelation of it and keep confessing it. Keep it in your face, don’t stop talking it and when a thought comes that is not in line with the scriptures you have… Debunk the thought by saying the scripture out loud. The word of God is strong and powerful. Don’t stop talking the word of God. Especially for when it does not seem like it. For example I have a skin disease, and I got a scripture about Health and I’m confessing and I really believe in my heart but nothing seemed to have changed. I won’t get discouraged, I will keep saying the word because I know that God’s word is true and it has never failed and what I’m believing for has actually happened, I’m just waiting to see the manifestation physically. So I’d keep confessing the word of God till time catches up with my reality which is perfect health.
* I WASN’T RESTING …think on this; if the POTUS called you and tells you he’d get you a job in the best company in the world. You will be calm because first of all, he has the ability to get you the job, second of all, you believe him so instead of worrying every second, you’d actually just relax and worry about something else. How much more God? There are several promises that God has given you in His word concerning every area of your life that you are not accessing because you think you need to work for your faith to be right!!! No!!! All you need to do is believe, confess and Rest. Rest doesn’t just fall on you. Rest comes from the relationship you have with the person who has promised you something. When you are sure that this person would not disappoint me, you will rest and just expect whatever it is the person has for you. (Matthew 16:32)Come unto me, all ye that labour
and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
* I WAS TOO BUSY KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIAN THAT I FORGOT TO THANK GOD. Real faith comes with thanksgiving even when it doesn’t seem like it because you understand that you have what you say in Jesus’ name and God can never go back from his word. Your heart will be full of gratitude to God and your praises will put your heart elevated with joy while you wait for the manifestation of that you are believing for. With a heart filled with Praise and thanksgiving without losing sight or ignoring the problem. Instead of focusing on the problem, you thank God for the answers you are expecting.

Forward Step: FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. There are corresponding actions to take while standing in faith. Confession and Gratitude. Don’t lose sight of God’s goodness while waiting for an answer. Shalom!

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