My book of bible stories. Queen Esther (Excellence)

Growing up as a child whose parents are believers, somethings are just inevitable like owning the book (My book of bible stories). Interesting stories that helped me learn about Bible heroes and the plenty things they did for God and how God blessed them. I was always excited to read that book maybe because it had the heroes in animated images or I was just eager to learn about the heroes. Disregarding how unreasonable some of the scenarios were, the radical decisions some men made just to obey God, these stories actually happen centuries ago and human beings like you and I were the actual characters in the story.

From the inception of the world, a woman was made to be a helpmate and a partner in purpose for her husband. Queen Vashti failed at helping King Xerxes, instead she let her feminist attitude overwhelm her that she threw her own banquet instead of staying right by her husband. I understand that the feminist in you might want to fight but really, Adam was fine when God created him.. God thought he will be better if he had a helpmate and companion so He created Eve out of Adam… Let the feminist in you go to rest. Honor the men in your life without unnecessary comparison if not for physical attributes but because God commanded it so. Queen Vashti changed the course of her life for the negative because she wouldn’t honor the authority over her.(Esther 1)
Except the decision you are making is spirit inspired, do not make decisions based on how you feel. King Xerxes banished Queen Vashti because of how he felt and the influence of his advisor that after his anger subsided, he had second thoughts and maybe regrets. But a King can’t take his words back so again… his advisers supposed he took a new wife.
Esther was amongst the girls brought to the King’s palace for grooming and entrusted to Hegai. The Bible made us understand that Esther pleased Hegai first of all and then found favor with him. (Esther 2:9)’She pleased him and won his favor. Immediately he provided her with her beauty treatments and special food. He assigned to her seven female attendants selected from the king’s palace and moved her and her attendants into the best place in the harem.’Which means that there is a right attitude to living a graced life. I’d like to assume maybe the other girls assigned to Hegai had stinky ‘princessy’ attitude and Esther was kind and humble and just calm so it was easy for Hegai to perceive the favor of God in Esther’s life.
Esther paid attention to her grooming and instructions given to her by Hegai and Mordecai… Esther did not think her she was at liberty to say anything or act… the King was attracted to Esther and I’m sure it wasn’t just on looks basis… Esther wasn’t the prettiest Virgin in the city. Her wisdom and submission singled her out for God’s favor to shine through her. A lot of times, we forget to partner with God to make us what He has planned. There is a right attitude for a believer… the book of proverbs and the life of David expresses the acceptable heart-titude of a believer.
After the Haman plotted against Esther’s tribe and her uncle stayed in sack clothes because Mordecai won’t bow to an idol and that annoyed Haman who was one of the governing bodies… Haman reported Mordecai to the King and sought his permission to kill Mordecai. The King gave him permission. At this point, Esther’s nationality was still unknown to the King. Queen Esther did not rely on her wisdom or her beauty or the eloquence of her speech neither the proper Queen-ish training she received over the years… she went to God in fasting and seeking His face for Wisdom and Right timing to go before the King. She was well aware of the rule that says whoever the King doesn’t summon and goes before the King will be killed. On God’s words, Queen Esther knew when to go to King Xerxes, how to look… it did not make sense that Esther’s tribe were at a risk of being murdered brutally and she still glammed up and slayed to go before the King. Situations and Challenges shouldn’t determine your appearance. Whenever it seems like that problem wouldn’t just go away,’ ask yourself,’who is your daddy? ‘Really!. When you remember that you are the daughter of the most High God, that alone will boost your God-fidence to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil because you understand that Your Father will not leave you or forsake you. He has Angels on guard watching over you. Live like the Queen You are my Darling. Shine as light in this world✨

Forward step: The story of Queen Esther is an amazing and I implore you to study the book of Esther with the tutelage of the Holyspirit.

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