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Recently I was in a conversation with a couple of young Christian ladies, not the regular ‘Christianee’ topics, I just wanted to know the challenges they had choosing to live a God-centered life. Since we were all young adults in the 21st century, I wanted to compare notes and encourage them through the struggle and the challenges because challenges are inevitable in the Christian walk. I was hoping to be surprised and probably hear something entirely different from what I’m going through after I chose the God-Girl lifestyle but I wasn’t, the challenges were mostly the same. So I’d be talking about some of those challenges and how you can overcome them if you are currently in this phase.

I remember having goosebumps seeing people my age follow after God with all they are, like nothing else matters because nothing else actually mattered to them. I was thrilled, I wanted in and of course I got in, I just couldn’t keep up, it was a foreign experience for me. The trying to depend on God for everything, trusting Him & talking to Him like my best friend, I did it for a while till the buzz and the jamboree I felt faded away, then I had to battle with consistency; Praying consistently, Studying the word consistently, Spending time with God’s people more consistently. I’d pray today and I would not be able to keep up and before I realize that I haven’t been praying, I would have gone days, sometimes weeks without praying or studying or any form of fellowship with God.

It however mattered to me that I wasn’t consistent because I desired intimacy with God, I just wasn’t sure how to get there. So I developed a routine for my fellowship, one hour everyday and I was getting better with consistency, but I wasn’t fellowshipping for the right reasons. I realized I was doing it just to fulfill all righteousness and after a while of getting consistent, I got bored and stopped altogether till I asked God to teach me to how to fellowship.
He made me understand that as a child, I should only eat food because I love eating and I enjoy eating and it should not never be because I’m bothered about my growth. He said to me that a child need not to worry about her growth, the parent does the worrying and feeds the child appropriately. Since that conversation with God. My consistency with Fellowshipping improved a great deal because I began to enjoy it without ulterior motives. I just looked forward to spending more time with my Father in the place of prayer and word. If consistency has been an issue, employ the technique God taught me and enjoy your relationship with God.

Another enemy of the God-Girl lifestyle is HABITS. After making a decision to be a God-Girl, it seemed like all the demons came for me from their hiding place to kick me away from God. I had to deal with smoking, staying sexually pure and staying away from bad company generally. It seemed like a war that never wanted to end. I remember being tired and frustrated a couple of times and how I’d break down after every time I had sex or smoked a joint. I had a mentor, who kept on reminding me of how I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus…..Romans 8:1 ‘There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit’.
I’d break down, get frustrated and cry most times because I was hearing over and over what God’s word said about me being free from sin but I wasn’t experiencing it. At some point, my mentor put me on a righteousness and grace food regiment, that was all I listened to at that point in my life. During the Righteousness and Grace food regiment, I realized that I did not understand for myself what grace did for me, I no longer have to struggle to do. It was in that moment of realizing and staying full of God’s grace that habits lost their grips on me. Now, has there been relapse? Yes, a very few and countable times but I never beat myself up ever again because Jesus paid for my sins totally. Right now, I can boast of a habit-free life by God’s Grace. You too can be free from your habits, feed on God’s grace and trust in his strength to keep you from failing.

Forward step: If you haven’t made the decision to live a God-Girl lifestyle yet, now is a good time to do so.
Submit yourself to spiritual authorities by getting a mentor to guide you through.
Feed as often as you can in God’s word which is the ultimate instrument of change.

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