Closer Than You Think.

Heeeyyy… it’s me again, your spiritual tour-guide. I trust you are doing well. God cares so much about you. Anyways, Have you ever been in a place or a zone where you feel like it’s over for you and nothing else mattered and you just could not figure out a way out. Maybe, you are there right now, you are not certain how you feel, you don’t know if you are angry or hurt or both of it and you don’t know how to get out of that placed laced with negative emotions and you have been thinking to yourself, Where is God in all of these? Why would He not show up for me? Why would He not talk to me? Why would He not Help me? And you are wondering why you have to deal with what you are dealing with and when it will be over. I can totally relate with what you are feeling. But in my feelings( I sound like Drake now 😂) please stay with me, I have found out that God is mighty present with me in terrible situations, no matter how bad they are.
Over time, I have come to realize that no matter what you are going through or what you are feeling, God loves you unimaginably and He wants to take care of you. Even better, He wants to go through it with you. A couple of times when I find myself in a bad situation, a tight corner where I don’t know what to do and things are really bad for me, my first instinct is to hold a grudge against God and I do it so unconsciously that I don’t even realize that I’m doing it. I just don’t talk to God or even when I’m talking to Him, I am complaining the whole time and grumbling and that’s just not talking with God and I know a lot of times, that’s what we all do. I could go two days holding grudges with God and just murmuring and complaining to Him before I sit still and listen and let the Holy Spirit communicate with Me. The moment I decide to just sit still and Let God in, I immediately feel peace and His warmth over me. Remember that God promises to never leave you or forsake you. He also said He is your ever present help in time of trouble. He really wants to go through that situation with you. God is not just for the good times or the rosy seasons. He is there with you in that turbulence only if you’d listen and let him comfort you. Beyond comfort, He wants to give you answers to get you out of that bad place.
Usually, when I find myself in a bad place, sometimes it gets as bad as I’m too hurt or bothered to pray or even seek counsel. In those type of situations, I still want to hear God so what I do is that I listen to music that reminds me about God’s love and how much he loves me. I also listen to music that talks about trusting God even when you don’t have all the answers. Hours after listening to these music, I realize that I’m in a better place mentally to actually listen to God, To trust God eventhough I don’t have a clue what’s going on with me. In those music moments, It becomes real to me that God is with me now even in this mess that I’m in and He will get me out of it. After the music moments, I ask God for strength to trust Him and listen to Him in that season of my life, then I listen for instructions and comforting words He is saying to me. I’m saying all of these to let you know that God is with you in that bad place you are in and you should listen to Him. He is waiting for you to let Him in so He can make everything better for you.

Dear Believer, God loves you and He wants to be involved in every single phase of your life. We want you Joyful, please send us your prayer requests to ayomide@herfortitudo.com


  • Alyce

    Thank you Ayomide 🙂

    Father God and his Son, Jesus are truly wonderful and care about every aspect of our lives. When I am called to His table, even when I come reluctantly to sit and discuss issues I do not want to, I leave changed, reconciled, and in agreement with Him. I don’t know how He does it! He is marvelous beyond words.

    Have a blessed day! xoxo

  • Victoria

    This is so timely!
    Thank youuuuu.

    I applied for something in school and I was so sure I was gonna get it. God knows how important it is and how bad I wanted it. But I didn’t get it. And I’ve been so madddd at Him. I can’t even talk to Him because I still don’t understand how this is meant to work in my favour….
    However I’m gonna try the music thing you said works for you. And hopefully it helps.

    Thank you, again.

    • Ayomide Oyeleru

      I’m sure he misses you and he is waiting for you to talk to him. Yeah, try it. It will work as long as your heart is reaching out to God❤️

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