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You Can Help Yourself.

A couple of years ago, I was depressed and suicidal but today, I am completely healed; mentally, physically and emotionally. Remembering it doesn’t even hurt anymore. It is absolutely possible to be totally healed and free from depression and worthlessness.

In my previous post, I talked about how God helped me and healed me. Yes, I did not have to go to therapy or use pills to be healed. My healing was a miracle after 3 close calls to death from suicide. So I am really confident in God’s healing power and the total transformation from depression to a joyful life. If you are currently battling depression, please read the previous blog post . God wants to heal you.

While I was battling depression and going through the process of God healing me, I unconsciously did somethings do that in retrospect, I realized that they helped my healing process. Healing from depression is like any natural healing process. Sometimes, healing hurts more than the actual sickness itself; because you are hurting more or it looks like you are taking steps forward and more steps backwards doesn’t mean you are not healing. One of the things I remember doing unconsciously maybe as inspired by the Holy Spirit was jogging. I started taking early morning jogs. Plugged my ears to good music, take long and energetic jogs. When doing that, I did not think it helped my healing from depression. I did not even link jogging to depression. I did not even know I was healing at that moment. Now, thinking back, I realized that after every jog, I felt stronger physically and that somehow affected me mentally positively. It was just a jog but it gave me a burst of energy and a confidence that wasn’t there before the jog.
Another thing I did that I think helped my healing process was positive confession. Everytime it crossed my mind, I would say good things about myself and to myself. I never let a negative thought linger long in my mind, I combated it immediately with a positive word. Try this; count to ten in your mind and on the count of 3, say Oxygen is life or any random thing you can think of, then continue counting. What happens is that, you can’t continue to count in your mind because your speech interrupted your thoughts. Exactly how you should interrupt negative thoughts.
Also, I remember that I changed my relationships. Some relationships I was in was too toxic and did not let me see the good in myself, I changed my relationships and got myself into a healthier bunch. A wise man once said, ‘if you want something, start moving with people that have it.’ That helped me see myself the way God saw me. It helped me appreciate myself more. I also started doing things I love, like taking long strolls, writing and dressing up. These things helped me appreciate myself better. It gave me the confidence that I had something to offer anybody I came across.

To be very honest, I understand how hard depression is and how the devil lies to you and plays with your mind and tells you death is the only way out, I totally understand but I have also been to the other side, seeing God’s power totally heal you and renew your mind. It’s very okay to get tired while going through depression and healing process but please don’t give up. The power lies in your consistency and your faithfulness to the process. Keep showing up. If you are under prescription, keep using your drugs, keep going to your therapist. If you are not, don’t stop going to God and receiving comfort from you. He will tell you things to do; don’t stop doing them till you can boast of complete healing and deliverance from depression. God really loves you and wants you to be healed. Shalom.

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