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Hi there! Happy Valentines. Hope you had a great one, and if you didn’t, remember that Jesus loves you and there is no greater love than that. This week, I will continue on the topic i started two weeks ago “SEASONS” If you missed it please click on this link to catch up I simply want you to truly recognize that just like the natural seasons change, the same happens as it relates to seasons in our lives. Yet, the key to success in getting through any of them well, is first recognizing where you are.

4.The Covenant Season. There are times in our lives when we have promises from God about something He said He is going to do asides from the ones in the bible. Sometimes, it might even be from the ones in the bible and the fulfillment of those promises are comforting and reassuring. For a lot of Christians, this is the time when their trust in God goes to another level because they have something to hold on to about God’s faithfulness. This phase is what i call the covenant season. As joyful and reassuring as this season may be, it is very possible to forget it in a hurry when you are back to waiting season. What i like to do in the covenant season is to create Altars Of Remembrance around the promises God fulfilled. tAKE FOR EXAMPLE, God gave me a child after years of barrenness, i’d write down the promise and the day it was fulfilled and how long i had to wait for the fulfillment. Sometimes, i also write the emotions i felt while waiting on that particular promise so that when I have to wait on a promise again, it will be easier to remember God’s faithfulness because i have conditioned my mind to see that alone. Another important thing to do in this covenant season is to rejoice always. Rejoicing is powerful, it wields such great power. God lives in the praises of His people.says,(PROVERBS 27:21) “As the fining pot for silver, and the furnace for gold; so is a man to his praise.” Judson Cornwall says it this way in Let Us Praise. “So often, when we have heated our Spirits in worship . . . thoughts, desires, and attitudes rise to the surface.” So, praise often in every season and situation.
5. The Season of Rest
This is the time in your life when nothing is happening – this is when you just need to rest, and have patience (Ps 27:14), and trust in the Lord to do things in His way, in His time. Patience (James 5:8; Heb 10:36) – Wait on the Lord, just stay on track. You find rest when you trust the Lord, and just stay following Him, and obeying Him, and waiting on HIS timing. This period of time can be long or short – you just have to sometimes wait it out (i.e., Joseph in prison – didn’t complain or get impatient).

Throughout every season, God’s faithfulness is unfailing. Through the waiting, the tiredness, the joy, the trouble, the peace and whatever you feel, God loves and is always with you. He said He will never leave you nor forsake you. Just trust in Him and Rest in His LOVE. His love and faithfulness never fails.

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