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God won’t watch you drown.

I went snorkeling for the first time in the Red Sea, I am not a great swimmer so I asked for the life jacket. With my jacket on, I was still scared as hell to jump into the sea. I mean, it’s the sea… I jumped eventually and for the first 5-10 seconds, it was hell for me… I thought I was drowning, but I wasn’t. I was struggling for air. I closed my eyes, was terrified so I was doing all sorts of funny movement with my legs. The lifeguard swam to me, told me to calm down reminded me I had the life jacket but I shouldn’t swim alone. ‘Use the floater and I will be here with you’. I looked at him sternly as I was still petrified and asked, you will be here with me? He answered in the affirmative, I took a deep breath and went with him. I followed after the man, tried to settle in his word, I will be here with you. Started swimming slowly, when another life guard noticed I had trouble breathing under water because I did not fix my gears properly, he showed me the right way to do it and told me to breathe. I took correction, adjusted my gear and it felt like a whole new experience, I could suddenly breathe under water for a longer time before putting my head back up for some air. I was still terrified by the water because of how massive it is. It being salty did not help much either because that meant I can’t swallow the water but I kept swimming. At some point, I settled into the snorkeling experience. Went deep into the sea, and enjoyed the experience knowing that I have a life guard around me made me calmer.

Fast forward to days after the snorkeling experience, I remember looking in the mirror and telling God, you have to help me, I am drowning. Send help to me… I am not sure I am doing this life thing right. I did not hear him say anything back to me. Maybe I did not listen.. maybe I just wanted to talk but I went to bed without a response. The following morning, I woke and I had totally forgotten about the snorkeling experience or talking to God to help me from drowning. I was riding in a car, with a solemn quiet heart when the Holy Spirit reminded me about the snorkeling experience and how I thought I was drowning but I wasn’t because I had the life jacket and a life guard around me. (I will never leave you nor foresake you) he said to me .

A lot of times, life challenges makes it look like you are drowning, even when you have the life jacket on. You are definitely going to go through things that will throw you out of the boat of security, things that will leave you wondering if you are going to make it out alive just like I was in the ocean. I was content with staying on the boat and not snorkeling because I was terrified of drowning, we are like that a lot of times, we stay ashore when God says come because we don’t trust him enough to keep us from drowning and even when we get off the boat into the water, we struggle with our own might not to drown, totally ignoring the one that said it was okay to jump in. The fastest way to drown when you are in water is struggling with the water. Usually, when a lifeguard senses fear in you , the first thing they say to you is to relax and take a deep breath and try to stop struggling. Trying to float in life comes from a reminder of who God is to you and what His word is saying or has said about you. God’s word said he will keep you safe and secure. And it is God that works in us to will and to do his good pleasure. A reminder of his promises will help you take a deep breath and remember who your lifeguard is. After taking a deep breath and remembering you are not alone, God sends us help… like the other lifeguard who told me my gear was not properly fixed. Other lifeguard might come inform of friends and family, mentors, books, study materials to guide you through that phase, showing you what to do and what not to do.

The third step after getting the study materials and what not will be to plunge into the deep blindly. Trusting that the one who called you will sustain you. You might be terrified but follow after him and experience life with you. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. He will always be your strong help in time of trouble, your comfort and strength. God will not only not watch you drown, he will keep you from drowning. He loves you too much to let you fail.

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