Dearly Beloved of God,
Welcome to this spirit inspired platform where the holy spirit will strengthen, encourage and deliver you through the letters you read His personal letters to you delivered through this blog. As inspired by God; We will be deliberately helping you understand the truth of God’s word and the purpose of the coming, death, resurrection and Ascension of Christ our King.
Guard your heart; prepare your mind as you go on this journey of Grace and Transformation into the measure of the fullness of Jesus’ stature. Your true image is who God is and nothing can take that away from you.
Subsequently, there would be fresh letters reminding you how much you are loved by God and How Jesus has done it all for you. I trust Jesus to strengthen, encourage and deliver, heal, restore through these letters to you.
I recommend that you buy an NKJV and a Message Translation Bible and a journal so that you can always be in touch with what God has for you every day.


You can reach out to me here for questions, prayer requests, directions, and etc…